President Barack Obama announces that US veterans hospitals have “computer systems for scheduling that date back to the ’90s.”


There was a bit of hidden irony underneath the Veterans Affairs Department scandal Friday, in which its chief resigned amid allegations that the agency’s hospitals manipulated waiting lists to mask lengthy delays in getting tens of thousands of veterans medical appointments.
In a speech following the resignation of Eric Shinseki, President Barack Obama said that the computer scheduling systems at many of the nation’s government-run veterans hospitals were “broken-down” and stuck in the 1990s. As a reminder: that’s the same decade that the Soviet Union collapsed and OJ Simpson was arrested on accusations of double murder.
Obama’s revelation comes as his administration seeks defense funding of more than $495 billion (PDF) for the upcoming fiscal year and is spending billions on weapons programs to develop “pack mule” robots, drones, microwave ray guns, Flybots, and even sniper rifles that can hit a target from nearly 4,000 feet away.
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