A piece of art showing Slenderman, a five year-old meme with a following on sites like Creepypasta.


Two 12-year old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin allegedly stabbed a third in the woods on May 31 in an attempt to become “proxies” of the fictional Slenderman, a creepy and otherworldly Internet meme. The girls claim to have learned of Slenderman from the Creepypasta wiki, a site that collects paranormal and horror short stories.
The two girls lured the third into a game of hide-and-seek in a park, according to the criminal complaint. On the way to the park, one of the girls displayed a knife. The victim was stabbed 19 times in her chest, legs, and arms, and then allegedly dragged into the woods to bleed to death. She managed to crawl out of the woods and flag down a passing cyclist to get help.
Slenderman, who is depicted as a faceless man in a suit with a thin frame and unnaturally long, occasionally tentacle-like arms, originated on the Something Awful forums in June 2009 from Eric Knudsen (username Victor Surge). Knudsen fleshed out the character with text as a mysterious character who entices and abducts children.
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