Updated mysql55 packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red HatSoftware Collections 1.1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. It consists of theMySQL server daemon, mysqld, and many client programs and libraries.The mysql55 packages have been upgraded to upstream version 5.5.36, whichprovides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version.This update also fixes the following bugs:* Prior to this update, the MySQL server attempted to verify if the MySQL socketexisted, but did not take into consideration whether any processes were usingit. As a consequence, if the MySQL server terminated unexpectedly, the MySQLsocket was not reset after the reboot, and thus prevented the MySQL server fromrestarting correctly. With this update, the MySQL server no longer attempts toverify the existence of a MySQL socket when the socket is not being used by anyprocesses. As a result, the MySQL server can now be successfully restarted aftera crash occurs. (BZ#1037749)* Previously, not all files in an RPM package were correctly owned by thecorresponding collection. As a consequence, when the mysql55 Software Collectionwas removed, some files remained in the /opt/rh/mysql55/root/ directory. Withthis update, all files in the mysql55 collection are owned properly and noredundant files are left after the collection is removed. (BZ#1079919)Users of mysql55 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fixthese bugs and add these enhancements. After installing this update, the MySQLserver daemon, mysqld, will be restarted automatically.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the RedHat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/site/articles/11258Red Hat Software Collections 1 for RHEL 6

    MD5: dc232ba42adf73dba52468356f6834eaSHA-256: 13fa850f40c12b890d86b72b6150c2aa9399db3e00d899bcc6d9ab6005727f99
    MD5: 3141c5b9c6ef541979c2b145fb9d4713SHA-256: 689ae2e71f7614c1857cabf126e000fd7a99f0189a9244dcf057eedcf997f97b
    MD5: 7205f58fadd6bf2e2a57f083268005f7SHA-256: b29bf2f11e815d7725db616c89c264e9211ae21373d46c8baee47a2a2aabb0db
    MD5: 64a87eda98f38287698b336a872583f2SHA-256: 5350ccae7b52974476a1fdb3c92f3b67b1166fdd14cfd76dd992a8e9ba70d771
    MD5: a8a30a7273c9c0bf058aeb8bdb18a1b6SHA-256: fe7ee30f071d50536ab361338c89ef926973beeddebbb929de29171ca9d25a1c
    MD5: 03d639e465febfae4050165cf7b30348SHA-256: 95fdbf3110a018b5024550c2ffae46e015da054d9743e9d2f4a9c2998ba39940
    MD5: 7fa31efded8b87e825e2ee7034716fefSHA-256: 965f375c4ce88c15505fc861a993431c91fe5d92af0a8d333f5990ff5e07f5bd
    MD5: 93f61252c10197f8281d589643d9b658SHA-256: ff464c1c292db652f33a271974b399435425c6fe11f9dd1e0a2754e17c2b80a8
    MD5: 2416c0f58c74476560c45ffa60468cbaSHA-256: 641f88d67c89bc2a86ad05a28ec7979eb076b0564cad3159db9e346ba632fd73
    MD5: 207f4fe86c549e69742075a84ef6514fSHA-256: 0fc4417d1aa23842bca0a742bb4e596332a2b923167cbf74c5e202f3fbf7fc5a
    MD5: 3afc2443f57c680b1b826738cd321b06SHA-256: fc56da3963fa5ad0dbca52bb421e0c414c549d03a9dbc217946a50c6060dd2c4
    MD5: 372ed1c1d41e14f95950348652eeb04eSHA-256: d4c669bb609327dd85b6783cf5d4f2d926b4349a4d26199c0253c255e59a2c7f
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1042875 – Potential issues caused by non-namespaced RPM provides and libraries1053457 – Use policycoreutils-python in meta package1054261 – mysql55 needs to depend on newer scl-utils1054458 – Issues with post install instructions1061450 – mysql55 meta package should include LICENSE, README and mysql55 man page files986919 – Test case failure: /CoreOS/mysql/Sanity/init-script-LSB

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