Liveleaks has published an iPhone video taken by a Connecticut man of a woman assaulting him for flying a video-enabled quadrocopter on a public beach. The man originally posted the video to YouTube, but it has been taken down by the service, and his account has been suspended “as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully, or threaten.”
Calling him a “pervert” after calling police to report him for “taking pictures of people with a helicopter plane” and “trying to upload them,” the woman, 23-year old Andrea Mears, lashed out at the pilot as he was putting his quadrocopter away, knocking him to the ground and tearing his shirt.
When police arrived, Mears claimed the man was taking inappropriate pictures of people sunbathing on the beach and that he had assaulted her. But after the pilot showed the surreptitiously captured video of her assault on him, she was arrested.
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