Updated vdsm packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are nowavailable.

VDSM is a management module that serves as a Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationManager agent on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor or Red HatEnterprise Linux hosts.A list of bugs fixed in this update is available in the Technical Notes book: users managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization hosts using Red HatEnterprise Virtualization Manager are advised to install these updated packages.

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the RedHat Network to apply this update are available at
Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3

    MD5: 191f86975b9b486d7911376ddd4d066cSHA-256: e812d5b93864a8248752b85610a2daf7ddd4f731c2ef36e2a862fdf5b443a3c0
    MD5: fbd467e5eaaba9cff566568046c8ba0cSHA-256: 6679b77ab763a2c209b4bf5305c7dab35784a950c673953e56cf0de465b89417
    MD5: 949089ae3500ab185b9e79f830cf568eSHA-256: c7fa6ef56e2a89e68d9ea3d6891a058d73817119922bc1422b7f967e433f220c
    MD5: 79d777ef833136f764dda2da0da73232SHA-256: 4458f4545a7a0d520b8e993c36b64c797caf2408680958dcf3462b9ae471b260
    MD5: e54a894907c63c9d38d7a0d142d4ce2fSHA-256: a1fc8979b050f13ab3a7e4fbc122bd98bd95b1e5f20757b06629580c184cb8b2
    MD5: b87763b31642c4d4394d71866d4b1504SHA-256: 7aafec0ae557fbb4510a53b061de1978cab369fdee2a0a37f5b32e475922c69d
    MD5: cb491ff613bf0993bae5f1a6209b027dSHA-256: 9393d0e67e81015924f99657937d40c095b292a2f7bfb9f6d5f41547ccdbc3b6
    MD5: 2d7c8c5b9791f2967bd6cb770e9ba2f4SHA-256: 5d8464bb33825178cdda7a9e8895e3c234c573134f1526057574875e8e469e81
    MD5: 0caa2e81b38e94fe487fb0dee9f945f2SHA-256: 0b04222973dd3b16e0e2aefc0149ac7f41be51db9b253816a078aec72e96d97a
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.4

    MD5: 191f86975b9b486d7911376ddd4d066cSHA-256: e812d5b93864a8248752b85610a2daf7ddd4f731c2ef36e2a862fdf5b443a3c0
    MD5: 0d2fd212d6792feb482f109ff0c2260dSHA-256: acb4a51c316fb3e6456f936ba14645426ce2b5ee174ef710a69d414a1edc2e9a
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1007860 – Bond “speed” does not reflect the correct speed1015009 – Default route is not set properly for management network if downstream/upstream engine and VDSM are mixed1020356 – stray libvirt networks make vdsm fail to recognize management network on native interface with “Network defined withoutdevices” error of setupNetworks1024236 – Can’t activate a host due to /etc/sudoer configuration1026236 – VLAN devices are displayed in the setup networks dialog and nics subtab, cause all setup networks operations to fail1026697 – [vdsm] storage domain is reported as ‘active’ by host, even though its link under /rhev/data-center/SPUUID/ is missing1028917 – Resource lock split brain causes VM to get paused after migration1029812 – vdsm-tool configure outputs misleading error messages although it ends successfully1033942 – [vdsm] getStorageDomainInfo fails due to key ‘info’ missing from poolInfo for master domain1034172 – Cloud-Init: generated config-drive CD image is world-readable1035847 – vdsm-tool configure fails stopping service1037500 – PRD34 – [RFE] add method local to donwloadImage / uploadImage1038069 – Repeated migration of a VM causes its disk to grow indefinitely1044060 – [RFE] Prevent RHEV from requiring hwaddr lines within ifcfg files1044068 – vmHotplugDisk failed with “VolumeError: Bad volume specification”1047646 – VDSM – hooks – after_update_device_fail hook fails1048596 – First VDSM verb returns blank lastClient, lastClientIface1048763 – before_device_migrate_source not being called1051150 – RHEV 3.2 hypervisor setup adds ifcfg VLAN attr to NIC parent of rhevm net subint1051860 – yum transaction on rhel7: reading information on service vdsmd: No such file or directory1052097 – VM migration back to original host fail on “file exists”1052216 – bad version of qemu-img-rhev in dependencies1053040 – [Hosted Engine] Unify maintenance flows1056554 – vdsm-tool vdsm-id – fails via ssh if run as root because of sudo has no tty1056948 – iscsid daemon not started when vdsm starts and iscsi storage not available1057637 – Provide before and after network setup hooks1057969 – vdsm: cannot start a vm in read only with IDE disk type1059482 – Migrating between older and newer RHEV-H images leads to flood “path /rhev/data-center/mnt/blockSD/<UUID>/images/<UUID>/<UUID> not assigned to domain”1059773 – Failure to replace a partially-removed network1060524 – rhev 3.3 does not work with vdsm 3.4 : Command PollVDS execution failed1060781 – The remove network action by vdsm causes the main bond interface to go down up1063185 – [vdsm] Packaging for 3.41064038 – Host deploy to RHEL7 host fails due to new vdsm3* package names1064630 – vdsm reports guest as paused on any IO error, even if libvirt/qemu policy is set to “report”1065924 – vdsmd not starting on first run since vdsm logs are not included in rpm1066445 – VMs are paused after migration from 3.2 to 3.3 hypervisor1071826 – vdsClient fails when getting storage domain info from a master storage domain1073478 – VDSM internal exception gathering balloon info while shutting down1075172 – [vdsm] getFileStats fails for local/POSIXFS ISO domain types1076889 – vdsm3 service doesn’t start on rhel71077283 – [RHEVM] [neutron integration] cannot use linux bridge if ovs is not installed1078137 – [vdsm] cannot activate storage domain when iscsi multipath is configured on host1079707 – vdsm3: PollVDSCommand invocation target exception1080931 – vdsm libvirt and sanlock daemons need to be restarted after upgrading to sanlock 2.81081489 – replacing vlan tag fails when that network is attached to bond1082275 – [MultiHost] Bridge still exists for the network when updating that network to be non-VM (net over bond)1082941 – [vdsm] vmSnapshot fails on ‘IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument’1083008 – [vdsm] yum downgrade – configurator should not be called1083476 – On mixed storage pools the thin provisioned volumes on block domains are not extended1085338 – [vdsm] disk resize fails with QImgError if the lv isn’t extended fast enough.1085935 – vdsm doesn’t extend thin provision disks on block domains if pool type was once “file” (and cache hasn’t cleared)1086210 – Guest can’t boot up after the master domain change1091030 – Failed to create disk as no links exists1091956 – VDSM converts COW Thin provisioned disk to preallocated when moving it1092631 – failure to recover after executing fenceSpmStorage1094165 – /etc/libvirt/qemu-sanlock is not persisted and vdsm fails to start on reboot1094944 – Gratuitous vdsm logs causing RHEV-H upgrades to fail1095900 – VDSM is consuming a lot of cpu time even with no active VMs1096212 – Failure on data center name change (setStoragePoolDescription)1096227 – setDomainRegularRole call failure during masterMigrate negative flow1097332 – The start time for ‘migration_max_time_per_gib_mem’ appears to be calculated too early.675560 – [vdsm] vdsm should monitor bond interfaces, sub-interfaces and bridges status852003 – createVG failures are not logged in vdsm logs889097 – vm’s status is changed to pause for a short moment during volume refresh (after an extend)967311 – [storage] In scale environment, some hosts become Non Responsive when adding first Storage Domain – java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException970645 – migration_timeout not honoured, live migration goes on beyond it980054 – [LOG][vdsm] KeyError: ‘domainID’ during teardownImage in power-off to VM982065 – vdsClient should provide more debug info- in case of malformed XML response988469 – PRD34 – [RFE] vdsm does not recognize hot-plugged host interfaces

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