Still from seven-minute police evasion video taken from camera mounted on Ali’s motorcycle.

Team1000cc/ YouTube

In a bizarre (but somewhat unsurprising) twist of fate, a motorcyclist who recorded video of himself speeding away from a police car while wearing a court-ordered GPS anklet for an unrelated offense—and who then proceeded to post the video footage to YouTube—has been apprehended, tried, and sentenced to a four-year prison term.
Hamza Ali Ben Ali, of Plainfield, Illinois, successfully evaded a police officer’s attempt to stop his vehicle back in October 2012. Ali then waited two weeks before uploading to YouTube the seven-and-a-half minutes of uncut video footage shot from a camera affixed to his Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle, reports The Chicago Tribune.
The footage shows Ali’s motorcycle accelerating away from a police car with flashing lights after the officer signaled for him to stop at a gas station. The video footage then shows the officer break away from the pursuit only to catch up to the motorcyclist before again losing sight of the 31-year-old suspect as he sped away.
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