Refracted Moments

Prenda Law made millions pioneering a bold new model of mass-copyright litigation, suing thousands over alleged BitTorrent downloads of porn movies. Today, its business has ground to a halt. The lawyers behind the “porn trolling” operation have already been ordered to pay more than a half-million dollars in sanctions in various cases, and two judges have asked law enforcement agencies to take a look at Prenda’s activities.
Now, another $11,758 sanction has been piled on top of that total, and it’s the first sanction that doesn’t involve Prenda’s questionable copyright lawsuits. Rather, the newest sanction concerns one of Prenda’s most audacious moves—a defamation lawsuit it filed last year over online criticism calling the lawyers behind Prenda “assclowns” and “brain-dead,” among other epithets.
Yesterday’s order comes after US District Judge John Darrah found earlier that Prenda lawyer Paul Duffy had lied to the court about what happened regarding serving a complaint in another district. “To fabricate what a federal judge said in a ruling before another court falls well outside the bounds of proper advocacy and demonstrates a serious disregard for the judicial process,” wrote Darrah in February.
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