IT outage horror stories continue to put a spotlight on the need for disaster recovery—and disaster recovery that actually works for both technical personnel and line-of-business people as needed. As a result, enterprise IT is increasingly turning to DR-as-a-service (DRaaS) providers to overcome traditional budget, resource and complexity challenges. Why deal with this on-site when perfectly good solutions are now available in the form of cloud services? Forrester Research’s recent Wave report on DRaaS reported the following: “During the past few years, enterprise DRaaS adoption has grown steadily to 19 percent today, with another 22 percent planning to adopt.” At this rate, it won’t be long until half or more of all enterprise IT will be subscribing to DR services in the cloud. However, the move to cloud-based DR can be complex in itself, and every company has its own challenges that it might not anticipate. In this slide show, compiled with eWEEK reporting and industry information from Iland’s Senior Product Manager Jack Bailey, we present 10 best practices to getting started and avoiding pitfalls at the same time.

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