Some of the hundreds of comments the City of Peoria received over the Twitter debacle. Note that the printing on these sheets is double-sided.

Nate Anderson

This piece contains repeated profanity, Nazi slurs, and questions about the size of a man’s genitalia. Read on at your own peril.
In late April, the “contact us” form on the Peoria, Illinois, website experienced a sudden deluge of traffic. People from across the country wanted to let Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis know—in as profane a manner as possible—what they thought of his decision to get local police involved in a dispute over a Twitter account that used his name. Typical of the messages was this one from “Adolf Hitler” at e-mail address “”:
Jim glad to hear that you’re doing the right thing and keeping the Nazi dream alive. Sending the police after those comedians Gestapo style definitely got a cheer down here in hell. Keep up the oppression of the people you’re doing a great job.
It was soon followed by a friendly note from “Benjamin Franklin” who suggested that Ardis “should move to Russia or china and be a man slut.”
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