What’s pouring out of that smartphone? Not €50 million worth of patent royalties.


Google and its handset-making partners have defeated a major patent-holding company that threatened to weigh Android phones down with even more royalty payments. A panel of three judges on the nation’s top patent court have ruled that Android phones don’t infringe on three patents owned by French digital security firm Gemalto.
Yesterday’s ruling (PDF) puts an end to a legal battle that Gemalto kicked off in 2010 when it sued Google, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola in the Eastern District of Texas. Gemalto said Android phones had memory-utilization features that it had developed first at its research center in Austin.
Gemalto’s invention was a way to allow low-power devices to run “high-level programming languages, such as Java,” according to the ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. It accused the defendant companies of infringing three of its patents, numbered 6,308,317, 7,117,485, and 7,818,727.
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