Oculus firmly denies that ZeniMax had any role in the development of this hardware or the software behind it.

Oculus issued an affirmative defense in its continuing legal drama with Id Software owner ZeniMax Media, saying Wednesday that the game publisher’s lawsuit is a meritless attempt to extract the money it missed out on when it declined the opportunity to invest in Oculus well before its Kickstarter success.
The original lawsuit, filed by ZeniMax last month, accused Oculus of “misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright infringement, breach of contract, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, trademark infringement, and false designation” for its use of code and technology developed by ZeniMax. But the 32-page filing denies that ZeniMax technology was key to the development of the Rift or the SDK behind it and alleges that the legal claims are suspiciously timed to take advantage of Oculus’ newfound Facebook largesse.
“Until the Facebook deal, and the perceived chance for a quick payout, ZeniMax never raised any claim of infringement against Oculus VR, undoubtedly because ZeniMax never has contributed any intellectual property or technology to Oculus VR,” the legal brief says. “ZeniMax had a golden opportunity to make an early investment in Oculus VR and chose to pass. The lawsuit is nothing more than ZeniMax seeking to correct for a massive missed opportunity through the assertion of meritless litigation.”
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