Matt Wade

After a distinguished career in the Secret Service, Joseph Clancy left for a new job at Comcast in 2011 and has since overseen protection of the cable company’s employees and property. But with Secret Service Director Julia Pierson having resigned after security failures, Clancy is going back to the Secret Service as acting director of the law enforcement agency.
“Joe Clancy is an exceptional security professional who served our country as a member of the US Secret Service and in the US Department of Homeland Security and who has distinguished himself throughout his career for his integrity and strong management skills,” a Comcast spokesperson said in a statement sent to Ars yesterday. “During more than three years at Comcast, he was an integral part of our security team and we are sad to see him leave. We are highly confident he will be an outstanding interim leader for the Secret Service and we wish him the very best.”
Clancy personally led Obama’s security before “he retired from the agency in July 2011 as special agent in charge of the Presidential Protective Division,” NBC News wrote.
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