A screenshot from Pissedconsumer.com of a review that the vice president of Roca Labs claimed to have posted suggesting an endorsement that Alfonso Ribeiro’s attorneys dispute.

On Wednesday, representatives of the actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel Air and recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars, weighed in on an unlikely case involving a weight loss firm called Roca Labs and a website called pissedconsumer.com. Ribeiro says that Roca Labs has falsified his endorsement of its product.
Back in September, Roca Labs sued pissedconsumer.com, which is owned by a company called Opinion Corp., saying that the website was wrongly posting negative reviews from consumers who signed non-disparagement agreements with Roca. Roca asked a Florida federal court to award the company over $1 million and to compel pissedconusmer.com to “cease and desist their conduct against ROCA” and to “remove all negative content from their website and Twitter.” Roca Labs went so far as to ask the court to make pissedconsumer.com provide the names and addresses “of all alleged ROCA customers who have helped in posting negative content on Defendants website.”
The dispute is among the latest cases testing the limits of online speech, and the alleged falsification of Alfonso Ribeiro’s endorsement adds a new wrinkle into the mix.
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