This issue can affect any product or platform running Junos OS 13.3R1 or later.

The OpenSSL project released a security advisory on 2014-08-06 that contained nine security issues. The following four issues affect Junos:CVE-2014-5139: Crash with SRP ciphersuite in Server Hello messageCVE-2014-3509: Race condition in ssl_parse_serverhello_tlsextCVE-2014-3511: OpenSSL TLS protocol downgrade attackCVE-2014-3512: SRP buffer overrunMore information about each of these vulnerabilities may be found in the OpenSSL Security Advisory 20140806 under Related Links below.

The following software releases have been updated to resolve this specific issue: Junos OS 13.3R3-S2, 13.3R4, 14.1R2-S2, 14.2R1, and all subsequent releases.While only Junos OS 13.3R1 and higher versions are vulnerable to the issues announced by OpenSSL on 2014-08-06, Juniper also upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8zb in Junos OS 13.2 and earlier releases. Updated releases specifically include: Junos OS 11.4R12-S4, 12.1X44-D45, 12.1X46-D30, 12.1X47-D15, 12.2R9, 12.2X50-D70, 12.3R8, 12.3R9, 13.1R4-S3, 13.1X49-D55, 13.1X50-D30, 13.2R5-S1, 13.2X50-D20, 13.2X51-D30, and 13.2X52-D20.This issue is being tracked as PR 1016458 and is visible on the Customer Support website.KB16765 – “In which releases are vulnerabilities fixed?” describes which release vulnerabilities are fixed as per our End of Engineering and End of Life support policies.

Since SSL is used for remote network configuration and management applications such as J-Web and SSL Service for JUNOScript (XNM-SSL), viable workarounds for this issue in Junos may include:Disabling J-WebDisable SSL service for JUNOScript and only use Netconf, which makes use of SSH, to make configuration changesLimit access to J-Web and XNM-SSL from only trusted networksHow to obtain fixed software:Security vulnerabilities in Junos are fixed in the next available Maintenance Release of each supported Junos version. In some cases, a Maintenance Release is not planned to be available in an appropriate time-frame. For these cases, Service Releases are made available in order to be more timely. Security Advisory and Security Notices will indicate which Maintenance and Service Releases contain fixes for the issues described. Upon request to JTAC, customers will be provided download instructions for a Service Release. Although Juniper does not provide formal Release Note documentation for a Service Release, a list of “PRs fixed” can be provided on request.

Information for how Juniper Networks uses CVSS can be found at KB 16446 “Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and Juniper’s Security Advisories.”

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