06 October 2014 – TaskRabbit, the global online marketplace designed to connect busy people with safe and reliable help in their neighbourhood, has signed a partnership with GBGroup to utilise GBGroup’s identity verification software as TaskRabbit continues its global expansion.TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects busy people to skilled professionals to outsource household errands and skilled tasks that they do not have the time or expertise to do themselves. People using TaskRabbit invite Taskers into their homes to help them complete an array of tasks quickly and at a low cost. To ensure the full safety of TaskRabbit’s Clients – and its 25,000+ network of Taskers – it is vital that each applicant is verified to ensure they are who they say they are. Following its launch in the UK, TaskRabbit has partnered with GBGroup to utilise its identify verification software to electronically vet each applicant, in addition to in-person training sessions, which the company carries out with each applicant.Uma Subramanian, Director of UK Operations at TaskRabbit explained: “As the sharing economy continues to revolutionise business throughout the UK and globally, it’s of paramount importance for businesses such as TaskRabbit to ensure the full safety of its users. We chose to use GBGroup’s identity verification software due to its sophistication and ease of use. Through use of the software we can confidently ensure that our Clients know who they are inviting into their homes.”Glenn Porter, GM at GBGroup said: “The ability to safely connect people and services is the foundation of the digital economy. It brings value to both consumers and businesses. Companies like TaskRabbit and the services they offer are brilliantly innovative, but crucial to their value is that users can trust that the people they are working with are who they say they are. We are proud to be part of this process, enabling trust between participants in the sharing economy.”About GBGroup (GBG)The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBG combines this concept of identity with technology to create an environment of trust, so that organisations can employ people and connect, communicate and transact with consumers, safely and responsibly.We call this Identity Intelligence. GBG’s Identity Intelligence solutions include:Register & Verify – International software and services for quick and accurate customer registration; and the verification of identities of individuals & businesses remotely.Cleanse & Engage – Innovative software and services which provide accurate and up-to-date identity information to deliver improved intelligent customer contact strategies.Employ & Comply – Thorough background checks through online verification and authentication of individuals enabling organisations to safeguard, recruit and engage with confidence.Trace & Investigate – Leading software and services which provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the UK’s population, properties and businesses to quickly locate, investigate and contact the right individual, first time.Source: RealWire

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