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Data produced by Lex Machina shows that patent lawsuits reached a near-record low in September, down 40 percent from September in 2013. The month’s numbers for new lawsuits filed are lower than any other month in recent years, going back to 2011.
The drop comes shortly after new patent rules came down from the Supreme Court. Most notably, the Alice v. CLS Bank decision made it clear that courts shouldn’t accept “do it on a computer”-type patents as valid. That’s resulted in nearly a dozen patents being tossed out in a short period of time, and some patent trolls with dubious patents aren’t bothering to fight it out anymore.
“It is an interesting coincidence to me it lines up with Alice this way,” said Brian Howard, Lex Machina’s legal data scientist. “I’m not sure I can say Alice caused this, yet. but it is an interesting correlation.”
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