For the past few years, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman had resisted calls for her to split up the venerable tech giant by shedding the stagnant PC business. Whitman pushed back, saying the company was “better together.” However, on Oct. 5, the CEO announced that HP indeed would break in two, with one company selling printers and PCs, the other enterprise IT solutions and services. In doing so, HP also became the poster child of the trend in the IT industry of vendors splitting in two or shedding businesses in hopes of becoming more focused, streamlined and profitable. HP’s announcement came days after eBay said it was splitting off its PayPal business, and days before Symantec said it was separating its security software and storage businesses. Other businesses—like EMC—are under pressure from investors to ditch business units. Still, there are others—like Cisco Systems and Dell—that are going in the other direction, continuing to broaden their product portfolios and capabilities through in-house development and acquisitions. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of those companies breaking up, others that are at least under pressure to break up and some that are still building rather than splitting up.

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