Sebastian Surendar

A federal judge has declined to suppress evidence the government is using against the alleged Silk Road mastermind, paving the way for a federal trial set for next month in connection to the website that once sold illicit drugs and hacking tools.
US District Judge Katherine Forrest’s decision Friday sidestepped the controversial issue of whether federal prosecutors breached defendant Ross Ulbricht’s constitutional rights of unlawful search and seizure. Ulbricht’s defense team asserts that the Federal Bureau of Investigation or even the National Security Agency somehow unlawfully gained access to Silk Road severs in Iceland, which paved the way for several search warrants of e-mail and social networking accounts the government said belong to Ulbricht.
But the New York judge said that it doesn’t matter whether the government unlawfully accessed the severs. That’s because she ruled that Ulbricht has no right to even challenge the seizure of the servers that ultimately led to his downfall last year.
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