Ethan Kirschner

In March, Newsweek came roaring back to the print world with a tech-themed cover story. The publication said it had discovered “the face behind Bitcoin”—an unemployed engineer living an unassuming life in a Los Angeles suburb.
Within days of publication, critics began pointing out that the magazine’s case that Dorian Nakamoto was actually Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was based on circumstantial evidence. The 65-year-old Dorian Nakamoto, who has no background in cryptography at all, denied the story after it was published. Newsweek and author Leah McGrath Goodman did not apologize and instead doubled down on their thesis, putting out a statement that “the facts as reported point toward Mr. Nakamoto’s role in the founding of Bitcoin.”
Now, Nakamoto and his lawyer Ethan Kirschner have made clear they’d like to sue Newsweek over the story—but they need more money to do it. The two have created a website called “Newsweek Lied,” which lays out their grievances and features a photo of Dorian Nakamoto holding a sign saying “Newsweek’s article hurt my family.”
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