A New Zealand appeals court has ruled that Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom must reveal his financial assets to the Hollywood studios that are suing him for pirating their movies.
It upholds a July decision by Justice Patricia Courtney, who ordered Dotcom to give up the information amid fears he was “asset-dumping” by supporting his newly founded Internet Party, according to the New Zealand Herald. He donated about $3.5 million of his own money to the Internet Party, The Guardian reports.
Dotcom won’t have to make the list of assets public, just reveal it to the studios. The major motion picture studios have all sued Dotcom for copyright infringement in the US. The civil suit from Hollywood isn’t the biggest legal headache Dotcom is facing, though; he’s also wanted on extraordinary charges of criminal copyright infringement by US authorities. In February of next year, Dotcom will face an extradition trial over whether he must go to the US to face a trial.
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