UKTV’s move towards a mobile working based business strategy has improved productivity and creativity at the broadcaster, but it also means security has become more of a concern and staff must be educated in order to make up for that.
That’s what Ben Hine, director of operations, technology and innovation at UKTV – the parent company of channels including Dave, Gold and Alibi – told Computing in a recent interview.

An infrastructure rebuild means flexible working and collaboration are two of the key drivers designed to ensure innovation at UKTV, which prides itself in being the only broadcaster to offer all staff the opportunity to work in a fully flexible, cloud-based way.
Part of that, Hine explained, has been achieved by allowing staff to select any device they wish for work purposes, with UKTV employees now using devices ranging from iPads and other tablets to high-performance laptop computers.
With UKTV staff now able to use a much wider range of devices, including their own, Hine explained that extra education about potential threats has to be provided.
“What we’ve had to do is educate people and we’ve done that – because with cloud computing security becomes more of a concern – and because of BYOD that’s concentrated a lot of it on communication to the end users,” Hine told Computing.
“If we’re going to invest a lot of money into new cutting-edge solutions, if we’re going to be the only broadcaster to do this sort of thing, then we’ve got the data policy and the security policy and we’ve spent time going through those things with them,” he continued.
However, according to Hine, UKTV staff have been quick to take in the new information about security procedures when handling data on a mobile device.
“People seem very tuned into that, they understand that this sort of change, going from being tied to a desk to not, they become responsible for certain things, especially if they want the ability to work from home or walk around the office,” he said.
“If they get a new shiny piece of kit it makes them happy, so security is a trade-off they seem happy to make,” Hine added.
Computing’s full interview with Ben Hine, director of operations, technology and innovation at UKTV will be published soon.

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