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Lumen View Technology, an organization that used a patent on computerized matchmaking to sue several small companies, has been ordered to pay almost $300,000 to Santa Barbara startup FindTheBest.
The patent holder was able to pull settlements out of several small companies, but when Lumen View asked FindTheBest for a $50,000 payout, it instead got hit with a RICO lawsuit and a pledge to spend up to $1 million to beat them. US District Judge Denise Cote found the Lumen View patent invalid in November, saying it described nothing more than a computerized version of “matchmaking,” an ancient process. In June, she ordered Lumen View to pay FindTheBest’s legal fees, ruling the case was exceptional.
After hearing from both sides, Cote has settled on an amount: $302,083.63. That includes $148,592 in attorneys’ fees enhanced by a multiplier of two, as well as $4,899.63 in costs. They also have been awarded nine percent interest—a little bit better than your savings account, right?—beginning on May 30.
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