The annual SecTor conference in Toronto has emerged as one of the larger security conferences in North America. This year’s event covered a mix of topics, including management practices, security fundamentals and more involved technical discussions on how attacks occur today. One highlight of the recent event was a keynote from Chris Valasek, director of vehicle security research at IOActive. Valasek has emerged in the last few years as a leading expert on automotive security, as cars increasingly employ advanced digital components. Felix Linder, founder and technical researcher lead of Recurity GmbH, also keynoted at SecTor 2014. During his address, titled “The Extinction of Trust,” Linder outlined the status of nation-state involvement in cyber-attacks. Linder stressed during his keynote that while there is no shortage of vendors that will sell tools to help organizations defend against cyber-attacks, the critical element is having the right people. Linder noted that organizations must have people trained to used the right security tools and understand what is needed to defend their organizations from attacks. This slide show takes a look at conference highlights.

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