Reed Hastings

JD Lasica

Reed Hastings, the 54-year-old Netflix chief executive, and Sean Parker, the 34-year-old former co-founder of Napster, have donated a combined $1.6 million in support of California ballot measures before voters head to Tuesday’s election.
Parker gave a combined $1 million for Propositions 1 and 2. The former measure authorizes $7.2 billion in bonds for the parched state to pay for water-supply projects. Proposition 2 concerns how the Golden State pays its debts.
For his part, Hastings gave $250,000 to Proposition 1 and another $246,664 to a voter ballot measure that would cut penalties for one in five criminals in the Golden State, campaign finance records show. Parker also gave $100,000 to support Proposition 47, according to data supplied by Maplight, a nonprofit in Berkeley, California that chronicles campaign financing.
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