CIOs should always be on the watch for phenomenon that can suck out the financial resources of their department.
Join Computing editor Stuart Sumner and a selection of expert commentators to identify the top 5 IT budget killers:
Storage expansion – as big data and analytics increasingly take hold in today’s industry
Hardware sprawl – as more and more devices are required to run IT, but incumbency becomes an issue
Keeping track of software licences – often numbering in the thousands as old contracts continue, new ones are drawn, and many individual licences get lost in the middle
Data security – BYOD, shadow IT and a generally increasing mobile world, coupled with a growing international professional hacking community, makes keeping data secure an ongoing concern, with a staggering number of possible options
Availability – with a mobile, flexible working and persistent communications-enabled workforce and customer base, 24-7-365 uptime is now often an expected goal for any company or service. But this, too, comes at a price.

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