For those enterprises adopting the Amazon WorkSpaces cloud based desktop computing service, the VXL PCoIP Zero Client product line provides the highest performance, most secure and easiest to manage cloud computing end points, for an outstanding end user experience.Powered by Teradici’s highly integrated, purpose built PCoIP processors, VXL’s latest zero clients, the V200, V200-PE and V240 models, represent the ideal partner for the increasingly popular Amazon WorkSpaces desktop cloud solution.Offering industry leading specification, VXL’s ‘Vtona’ brand of PCoIP Zero Clients include the dual display V200, Power-over-Ethernet V200-PE and quad display, V240 models. Highly compact devices with a small desktop footprint, the environmentally friendly VXL Vtona PCoIP Zero Clients come with 512MB RAM and deliver a rich multi-media experience supporting 3D graphics, CAD, high definition video and more.Commenting on VXL Vtona PCoIP Zero Clients availability for Amazon WorkSpaces, Frank Noon, VXL Vice President Worldwide Sales added, “We are delighted to partner with Amazon Web Services through the provision of our Vtona Zero Clients. The combination of PCoIP connectivity, high security, low cost and top level performance will ensure customers enjoy the best possible user experience.”Selected by Amazon WorkSpaces because of its ability to meet the needs of enterprise customer requirements, the Teradici cloud-optimised PCoIP technology particularly impressed due to its scalability, best-in-class security and enhanced user experience for office users and power users alike. To date, more than 1.5 million PCoIP Zero Clients have been deployed by Fortune 500 enterprises, governmental and educational institutions and small-medium businesses around the world. This is further underlined in a report by TechNavio [1], stating that the VDI and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market is set to grow 25% annually until 2018 with IDC [2] noting that zero clients now hold a 27.9% share among the thin client segments, an increase of 22.8% from the previous quarter.Dan Cordingley, President and CEO of Teradici commented, “Teradici is excited to join AWS and VXL to extend the benefits of its Vtona PCoIP Zero Clients to a rapidly growing base of enterprise customers for Amazon Workspaces.” “Simple to deploy and manage, PCoIP Zero Clients are high performance, ultra-secure devices for virtual computing environments – and the perfect enterprise for Amazon WorkSpaces.” For further news visit: re: Invent 2014 where Teradici and Amazon Web Services will be demonstrating the latest VXL PCoIP Zero Clients from November 11-13, 2014 in Las Vegas. EndsFor more information, contact Ian Cope, Marketing Manager, VXL. Email:[1] TechNavio, Global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Market 2014-2018, December 2013: [2] International Data Corporation (IDC), Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker, September 2014: About PCoIP Zero Clients Built for the cloud, PCoIP Zero Client end points are small footprint devices used to securely access virtual desktop environments. Proven in millions of deployments with enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries, zero clients offer:Low maintenance – The simplicity of PCoIP Zero Clients results in reduced management and maintenance at the desktop. No operating system, application, driver, anti-virus, or codec updates are required. This frees IT from the need to change out and provision new desktop machines as new operating systems and applications are implemented. Intrinsic security – With all computing performed in the cloud, and only stateless clients with no local storage, PCoIP Zero Clients are the ultimate secure devices. PCoIP technology provides extensive USB security and authentication features, and because only encrypted pixels are transmitted, data never leaves the cloud or data center. Lower IT costs – PCoIP Zero Clients provide energy and cost savings throughout their complete lifecycle. Operational costs such as power consumption, cooling and space consumption are greatly reduced, while ongoing management and maintenance costs are significantly less than traditional desktop PCs and thin client devices. With no need to constantly upgrade, PCoIP Zero Clients are assured of an extended life span. Finally, the minimal hardware component reduces recycling costs. Session portability – A user can have multiple and different forms of PCoIP Zero Client devices. As a user moves between devices the same session is available. Different users can log on to various zero clients to continue their own session running on the host, and from the same zero client, different users can access different host environments and applications. High-performance true computing experience – Powered by Teradici’s highly integrated, purpose-built processors, PCoIP Zero Clients provide high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics and high-definition media over high-latency networks. PCoIP Zero Clients deliver a rich uncompromised user experience for office workers and power users alike.About VXLEstablished in 1976, VXL is a global leader and manufacturer of thin, zero and cloud client devices and supplies a high quality range of high-specification models that are made to the most exacting standards.This single-minded focus on thin clients and commitment to product quality is at the core of what VXL represents today together with a passion to support companies around the world to successfully build efficient IT infrastructures that are flexible, secure, manageable and affordable.VXL’s world-renowned ‘Itona’ brand of thin clients continues to go from strength to strength and includes its latest SoC (System-on-Chip) and dual / quad core high-performance desktops plus Xtona (Citrix certified) and Vtona (PCoIP VMware certified) zero clients, Lenovo Thin ThinkPad notebooks and leading software solutions including Fusion™ device manager and GioPC™ repurposing software. VXL’s corporate HQ and manufacturing is based in Bangalore, India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, with the Americas Group HQ based in Houston, Texas and the European HQ in Manchester, UK. Dedicated Sales and Support offices are also based in key strategic markets including Germany, France and Singapore.For more information please visit: About Amazon WorkSpacesAmazon WorkSpaces + PCoIP Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed cloud-based desktop computing service announced at last year’s re: Invent conference and rolled out globally throughout 2014. Teradici’s cloud-optimized PCoIP technology was selected by AWS because it easily scales to meet enterprise customer requirements, provides best-in-class security, and delivers a superior user experience over a range of networks. The PCoIP remoting protocol connects users from their PCoIP Zero Clients to their Amazon WorkSpaces desktop in the cloud. The PCoIP protocol compresses, encrypts, and encodes the users’ WorkSpaces computing experience in the cloud and transmits only pixels across any standard IP network to PCoIP Zero Clients.Amazon WorkSpaces Support for PCoIP Zero Clients Last month, AWS announced Amazon WorkSpaces support for PCoIP Zero Clients, enabling customers to access persistent, cloud-based desktop experiences from a broader variety of end points. PCoIP Zero Clients are typically deployed at a user’s office or cubicle, and are complementary to software clients for Amazon WorkSpaces, meeting the demand for another connectivity option to the existing Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients and in keeping with today’s corporate BYOD strategies.Social Media:@AWScloud @Teradici @VXLInstruments#PCoIP, #ZeroClients, #DaaS, #WorkSpaces, #YearofDaaSSource: RealWire

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