Thursday’s takedown of the Silk Road 2.0 drug website was part of a much bigger crackdown by police in a dozen countries that seized more than 400 darknet domains, it was widely reported Friday.
Operation Onymous, as the coordinated international effort was dubbed, confiscated $1 million in bitcoins, $250,000 in cash, and a variety of drugs, gold, and silver, the Associated Press reported. In all, according to Wired, police seized 414 .onion domains, the Web addresses that use the Tor anonymity service to hide the physical location where they’re hosted. At least 17 people were arrested. Sites besides Silk Road 2.0 that were taken down included Hydra, Cloud Nine, Pandora, and Blue Sky.
In all, some 55 different markets will be shut down once Operation Onymous is completed. Sites Agora and Evolution aren’t among them. The rise of underground bazaars selling illicit drugs and services has continued despite last year’s arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind of the original Silk Road who has pleaded not guilty and continues to fight the criminal charges in court.
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