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It only took about one month from the time the Silk Road drug-dealing website was busted for a successor to be created. The new site, like the old, was on the “Darknet,” only accessible via an anonymizing Tor browser. It called itself “Silk Road 2.0” and kept the appearance of the old site, down to the green nomad-and-camel logo. Its creator named himself Dread Pirate Roberts, after the first site’s admin.
It’s said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the second Silk Road was certainly flattering to the first. “It is with great joy that I announce the next chapter of our journey,” announced the new Dread Pirate Roberts last November, writing on a Tor-only forum about the black market. “Silk Road has risen from the ashes, and is now ready and waiting for you all to return home.”
He added that he had “taken steps the previous Dread Pirate Roberts wouldn’t have even thought of.”
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