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Members of Congress are personally investing tens of millions of dollars in the tech sector, with Microsoft and Apple leading the way, according to an analysis by Maplight, the California nonprofit that tracks money and politics.
The analysis of “personal financial disclosures” that lawmakers must submit shows that as many as 57 lawmakers had invested in Microsoft, making it the No. 2 pick in terms of the number of congressional investors. The held Microsoft stock was valued at as much as $5.53 million. Apple came in at No. 5, with 48 congressional investors, according to the 2013 data. Stock held by members of the House and Senate in Apple was valued at about $9.8 million.
“MapLight has compiled and organized this information into a single dataset searchable by politician, company, year, or Congressional session, with results categorized by income type (dividends, capital gains, etc.) and personal or spousal ownership. This data is made freely available to the public through a simple web interface and may also be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet for deeper scrutiny,” the organization said. (The data includes investments from lawmakers’ spouses and dependent children.)
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