Updated glusterfs, gluster-nfs, glusterfs-fuse, glusterfs-geo-replication, andredhat-storage-server packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for use with the Red Hat Storage Server 2.1.

Red Hat Storage is software-only, scale-out storage that provides flexibleand affordable unstructured data storage for an enterprise. GlusterFS, akey building block of Red Hat Storage, is based on a stackable user-spacedesign and can deliver exceptional performance for diverse workloads.GlusterFS aggregates various storage servers over network interconnectionsinto one large, parallel network file system.This advisory addresses the following bugs:* Previously, running the setfacl command on files and directories on the NFS mount point caused a memory leak in the Gluster NFS server. When the command was run on a large number of files, the out of memorykiller would get invoked, eventually terminating the Gluster NFS server. With this fix, the possibility of a memory leak is fixed and the command works as expected. (BZ#1125658)* Previously, upon the Red Hat Storage server reboot, the GlusterManagement Daemon checked for the “rebalance command” value instead of the “rebalance operation status” value to determine whether to restartthe rebalance process. With this fix, the Gluster Management Daemon checks the rebalance operation status and determines an appropriate action. As a result, in the event of a server reboot, a rebalanceprocess that is complete, would not restart.(BZ#1136310)* Previously, if a file was linked by one client and removed by another,the subsequent lookup operation from the first client did not overridethe cache in the absence of the unlinked name on the bricks, leading itto conclude that the file name exists. With this fix, the stale inode mapping is deleted when the lookup operation fails with the ENOENT errorin the first client. (BZ#1122649)* Previously, When a file was deleted from a master volume after beingrenamed, the rename system call processed it internally as an UNLINKoperation in the slave volume. As a result, if a file was created withthe same name in the master volume, it did not get synchronized tothe slave volume and the file had the old GFID associated withit. With this release, the rename system call is handled appropriatelyand the rename operation synchronizes from the master volume to theslave volume as expected. (BZ#1060683)* Previously, if there was an attempt to delete a non-existent file,the GFID-based access returned a ESTALE error code instead of ENOENT.The ESTALE error was not handled properly in Geo-replication causing the Geo-replication worker thread to fail upon such an attempt. Withthis release, the error codes are handled appropriately and the Geo-replication worker thread does not fail with an ESTALE error.(BZ#1129392)* Previously, due to a race condition between the lookup operationsof multiple rebalance processes spawned on each of the servers, each rebalance process migrated a file only if the file was present on the server where it is spawned. The rebalance process copied a file fromthe source to destination and on the destination directory, it createda linkto file. During a small window of time, the lookup operation ofthe other rebalance process assumed the linkto file to be a dangling reference and unlinked it; during which the linkto file was converted to a data file leading to data loss. With this fix, the race conditionsare handled properly and the data loss is not observed. (BZ#1115937)* Previously, there was a 100% CPU utilization and continuous memoryallocation that made the Gluster process unusable and caused a very high load on the Red Hat Storage Server and possibly rendering it unresponsive to other requests. This was due to the parsing of a RemoteProcedure call (RPC) packet containing a continuation RPC-record causingan infinite loop in the receiving Gluster process. With this release,such RPC-records are handled appropriately and do not lead to servicedisruptions. (BZ#1146466)Users of Red Hat Storage are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,which fix these issues.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Storage Server 2.1

    MD5: 15435fa4113804e6f367d4ec16764638SHA-256: fea350126033c98b1b153fc82def1679d70b3bab09a18c3058caf778dfe1b255
    MD5: a3d88509611d1fdc2e99264b7ac36e54SHA-256: 0383a1e1ea80c17e4ffe0bf008149cbfae1c598db1d0cf21470b79b0af5313bf
    MD5: 405e4fc634d23d7018d607bed1cfaa69SHA-256: a635d5231b99e3c1d4d7c446473e4856b9172ed41c316fb1a408d04b39d633ff
    MD5: 7048c0515264655eb9326af4a2e27d2dSHA-256: 01ecf0f075b76b3d4fef606943eaf1d6a45872828841ea728b6887c175f085a6
    MD5: 4ef402b0b0e5535e50b639b5c9af3facSHA-256: 754435c5a0dfd5ffcb5d46c484b80463a37180f8a708a629a8481bff5edb9662
    MD5: b71d4b30fec1b8a2bc3505ee483488b7SHA-256: ffc0516e73544e81df6a598ff7e4119d0dbcdd2b93d18944a849c6aea831dce0
    MD5: d52d611fb406682c468bfcf7769c2cd9SHA-256: 95956d0130e0ab4d9f5cf02dda23e562a1625c1542426e77a404b83e30e3eb6f
    MD5: 5ef4217b5eff83e0a7e59ad819ade829SHA-256: 072b0d56755abfa9a65f19fef97a8607858ed236964b30cfdf1af70f58ea0194
    MD5: 4c893df05520354ba7d66c6d87978298SHA-256: 3b78935b06982631b79b229c72d8f03ba6c1c5508c17fd7b5477d443537e8b9e
    MD5: badc3376fb9ce9bd8d544be278c90458SHA-256: 162aa1e5355d1a188c0f2a32d4dbfe258c397181793b5206c7d90c57fd452c39
    MD5: ac170c13a3debb57a3f6c9ae2c3504d8SHA-256: b8d8cc71ea35f9f8edce9d5fd4136ac75f72204fcdd2d0d61f45e9730a5a853a
    MD5: 87a7d1a4707319985643f1617bd50319SHA-256: 2561d4c8bf6e99af85c0c32828ba5a79fbfa2845d5bd4c89e6121f422c7cc4d6
    MD5: abb78b879440587813021ebe6a3159a0SHA-256: 35ad3a06e83dbcedc92b7faf420496ca8f019176e861a0080d47980d15bc605c
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1122649 – Hard links not deleted completely in fuse-based client1144413 – High memory usage by rebalance process1146889 – DHT :- data loss – file is missing on renaming same file from multiple client at same time1146895 – Renaming file while rebalance is in progress causes data loss1154019 – DHT: Rebalance- Rebalance doesn’t start if we have any mounts of the volume1157705 – BVT: Connectathon i.e. Cthon basic test fails over NFS when quota is enabled1159279 – DHT: Rebalance + quota:- glusterfs crash after remove- brick on a quota enabled volume1159280 – DHT: Rebalance- Rebalance process crash after remove-brick

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