IT has long been viewed as a cost center or an investment in the business by its owner. This is especially true for its security aspects, but what most enterprises don’t realize is that security actually can be transformed into a profit center to help improve their bottom lines. This is not as far-fetched as it may sound. When IT of any type works well, it improves financial performance due to its efficiencies, which lead directly to time, cost and labor savings. IT that works well also pays dividends in the form of employee morale, which, when good, also leads to direct corporate cost savings in terms of employee retainment. Finally, effective IT security saves big bucks in protecting the corporation’s jewels—enterprise data—from cyber-thieves and other threats. The following slide show, put together using eWEEK reporting along with industry perspective from Jeff Nolan, senior director of marketing at Ping Identity, highlights several areas where security can help uncover profits for your organization.

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