Appoints Mark Edge as Country Manager UK London, 19th November 2014 – Brainloop has launched its portfolio of simple, secure, collaboration tools into the UK to address the serious risks facing British organisations whose employees share high-value confidential and sensitive data on public storage platforms like Dropbox. Brainloop’s solutions are designed to be used by any organisation that needs to securely manage and collaborate on confidential documents and other information both within their local IT infrastructure and also remotely – i.e. across the Internet and on mobile devices.UK industries that most urgently need this capability include banking and financial services, legal, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors where corporate compliance, IP protection and data security are crucial ‘must-haves’ to minimise the risk of loss or fraudulent use of business-critical information. Security analyst Bob Tarzey of Quocirca said: “There are lots of consumer-focused cloud storage products which can be accessed with ease if controls are not put in place. Employees invoke them for good reasons – to backup data from their devices and share content with customers and partners. However, there is always the danger that confidential and sensitive files end up in the wrong hands. Intellectual property may be compromised and, if regulated data is involved, there may be financial penalties. Those responsible for data security in most businesses know confidential data must be made accessible to those with a need-to-know and protected from access by others. The challenge is putting the right levels of control in place.”Mark Edge has been appointed Country Manager UK and VP of Sales, Brainloop and will be responsible for building out the UK team and driving the company’s growth across the region. He was previously the regional Vice President of EMEA Sales at WatchDox and before that held senior sales positions at several renowned business technology brands including A10 Networks and Citrix. Mark Edge believes that a holistic approach to enterprise data security is the only way forward in today’s uber-connected, always-on, digital economy. He claims: “It won’t be long before the majority of UK firms ban the use of consumer storage platforms like Dropbox in the workplace. But any alternative enterprise-ready solution must be all encompassing – to avoid backdoor leaks – and easy to use – so as not to impact the business workflow.”About BrainloopFounded in 2000, Brainloop is the market-leading provider of highly intuitive SaaS solutions that enable its customers to securely manage and collaborate on confidential documents and information, whether inside or outside of their IT environments. Brainloop’s customers comprise numerous Fortune, FTSE and DAX companies across a wide range of sectors, both private and public. They rely on the regulatory and corporate compliance, collaboration and process capabilities of Brainloop, as well its complete portfolio of security solutions and features including full encryption, audit trail, two-factor authentication, and provider and administrator shielding, all with a convenient and easy to use interface.Contact:Rosie Anderson/Jacob GreenwoodTouchdown PR+44 (0) 1252 717 Source: RealWire

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