IBM has patented a data privacy engine that is intended to better secure data when it is transmitted across international borders.
The technology would also enable businesses to ensure customers’ personal data is protected when stored within a private cloud.

IBM said the technology will enable businesses to aggregate requirements for data transfers and apply them to individual projects.
The data privacy engine will reportedly also alert users to cross-border privacy issues surrounding data and data collection and provide information on how to address them.
IBM said the technology will ensure personal data privacy is improved in a manner that’s both more efficient and more affordable than current methods.
“Global businesses today face significant challenges in protecting personal data and keeping up with regulations in an environment where cross-border flows of information are more important than ever,” said Christina Peters, chief privacy officer for IBM.
“Our new invention provides a privacy technique that could help businesses navigate an increasingly complex landscape and help companies proactively manage risk,” she added.
The data privacy engine was filed as U.S. Patent #8,695,101 in April 2012. Over two years later, the patent has finaly been issued.
In a statement, the company said that the patent “furthers IBM’s commitment to helping businesses ensure that their most vital data and assets remain secure”.
IBM also states that the data privacy engine represents a solution to the different rules and regulations surrounding data collection and data sharing various governments around the world have introduced.

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