Updated native client packages that fix various bugs are now available for RedHat Storage 3

Red Hat Storage is software-only, scale-out storage that provides flexibleand affordable unstructured data storage for an enterprise. GlusterFS, a key building block of Red Hat Storage, is based on a stackable user-spacedesign and can deliver exceptional performance for diverse workloads. GlusterFS aggregates various storage servers over network interconnectionsinto one large, parallel network file system.This update adds the following enhancement: * The glusterfs native client updated packages have been included in theRed Hat Storage child channel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#1166268)Users of glusterfs are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, whichadd this enhancement.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Storage Native Client

    MD5: 9dde03e72bf376671a108711e33d474bSHA-256: 93580a77df5baff96fae37188f271248fb31ea2207d2d5ddd2f5f59b98f1d23c
    MD5: 7a888852783ead7d4f682480c62ef7faSHA-256: f0c4fce1542a52ff23b3f6a8ad1c835e1607e2d7dcf84b07692f3cc7377762cf
    MD5: 6f82ab62ffc53ffb50d1e8e0fe2112aeSHA-256: f2148e0025ded7cdda1a8b82d4902ade12d423711dd56b0540916756e5cac4ee
    MD5: 6b9b98d07ba1d74aba89d4c675a49db8SHA-256: 2b27cddf37e6ce9a78cfe3df3253f5411eac0dde976b217f2a87a62dce87fa65
    MD5: bc2c07c8c2308cb3d54d3a2007c5bdf7SHA-256: 09f85242f05c85d2113f0ebaaca4e72347a30cc6eb163319d1ef53e22c93e8d2
    MD5: 74d48564042d310a86a41ab324a383b8SHA-256: 4d304d33aa0b468e89eb2f4cedda7c2f24c2135104a2863cb212176f4fbe7ef1
    MD5: 20a6293d0bc2c05825be5f1aef6f6ca6SHA-256: 0cc7732713b080d42aababf6deda8119e1421a83b9c68c400eb8078823791e53
    MD5: 91a0d9fd5999f8778cdc989a61d9f267SHA-256: df860c87048b86904d935415bf87123da8aae570fbecc7fb852d73c5a0f46333
    MD5: 9390d685aae6b1af9bc013c25ecce56aSHA-256: 3c108cbcaadad072c13478bb8c8bd927d0345ecb6c2a3c41ff4c8c09d8380e29
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1166268 – Update of glusterfs native client rpms in RHEL 6 child channel

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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