Game-changing threat intelligence service combines macro and micro data to deliver complete security to customers25 November 2014, London: Complete cybersecurity service provider, SecureData has today launched SecureData GI (Greater Intelligence); the first completely integrated security intelligence platform, managed in the cloud and delivered as-a-service. SecureData GI detects the 1% of threats that matter and fills in the gaps many customers are faced with due to the inability of any single ‘black box’ technology to deliver comprehensive, contextual threat intelligence.The service brings together the capabilities of SecureData’s 24×7 Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and its dedicated team of cloud analysts in the Cyber Crime Unit, the expertise of SecureData’s sister companies – consultancy and forensics specialist, SensePost and big data outfit Paterva – alongside proprietary software and vendor technologies. These components combined deliver an integrated service that customers can rely on to collect, analyse, detect and interpret the threats that are material to their business operations.SecureData GI uses a funnel approach to threat intelligence, with three tiered stages of security intelligence:Top: Software algorithms and hardware sit directly underneath the customer’s data, it analyses their internal environment and millions of logs through proprietary software which acts as the ‘intelligence brain’. Vulnerability scanning software identifies dynamic risk, and this is combined with risk management tools and SIEM correlation and analysis to prepare security information for the next stage.Middle: Big data analytics capabilities come in to play; analysing hundreds of security events via threat feeds and matching to real-time vulnerabilities to create contextual threat intelligence. GI also integrates external threat data, creating a holistic view of the threat landscape by querying multiple data sources that may relate to the threat and the company in question.Bottom: Human expertise from SecureData’s highly accredited 24x7x365 management and response team, act as the eyes and ears for interpretation of security intelligence. They manage hardware, collecting and correlating data to form the first line of our human intelligence, which is supported by Defence and Threat Analysts in the Cyber Crime Unit, who have both defensive (profiling and risk assessments) and offensive (ethical hacking and criminal) mindsets. SecureData CEO, Etienne Greeff said:”Increasing network complexity is compromising security defences and exposing the enterprise to a growing threat environment. Financial and political motivation of attackers is intensifying and attacks are growing in sophistication; there is a clear, explosive security risk to the enterprise business, which traditional security technologies alone cannot remedy.”Businesses need a holistic, integrated security platform, which can assess risk, detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond to attacks in a federated way across multiple systems and the network and SecureData GI uses a combination of people, process and technology to deliver this.”Marty Legg, SecureData’s head of cloud services who spearheaded GIs development added:”With IT now central to competitiveness, every business is a digital business. Across industries worldwide, boardrooms are waking up to the reality that an IT failure or security breach means commercial failure.”In the shadowy landscape of cyber crime, vicious hit and run attacks can destroy in minutes what took years to build – knocking businesses offline and decimating customer confidence, brand perception or financial performance.”SecureData GI was built to demolish this status quo with a streetwise approach to security. It looks into the shadows and asks: What will an attacker look like? What weapons will they use? It then provides the answers to ‘how can you fight back?”The new service is launched alongside a comprehensive whitepaper, which provides in-depth analysis of the threat intelligence market, reviewing analyst and vendor definitions to comprehensively conclude that threat intelligence must be delivered through a combination of machine and human expertise.The “Demystifying Threat Intelligence” whitepaper, compiled by the Cyber Crime Unit’s lead cloud security analyst, Adam Shoeman also provides a historical context for the term’s military connotations and charts the rise of ‘business intelligence’, which can be traced back as early as 1865.-ENDS-NOTES TO EDITORS1. To get a copy of the Demystifying Threat Intelligence whitepaper, authored by lead cloud security analyst, Adam Shoeman, contact Olie Mitchell ( 2. To speak with both the whitepapers author and head of cloud services at SecureData, Marty Legg about the whitepaper’s findings and the launch of SecureData GI, please contact Olie Mitchell ( SecureDataSecureData is a complete security services provider with a proactive approach. We specialise in providing network security, managed services and solutions for customers. We believe in looking beyond point technology solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is both secure and available.Source: RealWire

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