T-Mobile US and AT&T have been trading shots over the prices AT&T charges for data roaming as part of the government’s investigation into a complaint filed by T-Mobile.
As we’ve previously reported, T-Mobile accused AT&T and Verizon Wireless of charging unreasonably high data roaming rates, making it difficult for smaller carriers to offer better deals to consumers. AT&T argued in a filing on November 14 that it “buys more data roaming than it sells both on a megabyte basis and on a dollar basis,” mostly through agreements with rural carriers, and that it pays more than T-Mobile does.
“For 2013 and 2014 AT&T’s roaming expense on a per megabyte basis exceeded that incurred by T- Mobile,” AT&T wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). “The average data roaming rate paid by AT&T in 2013 (42¢/MB) was more than the average data roaming rate paid by T-Mobile in 2013 (30¢/MB). For 2014, the average rate paid by AT&T through August (27¢/MB) is higher than T-Mobile’s projected average expense (18¢/MB). This is clear evidence that T-Mobile is paying commercially reasonable rates and that the relief requested by T-Mobile in its Petition should be rejected.”
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