The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee has sent letters to the two leading credit card companies, asking them to stop serving 30 Web storage services, including Kim Dotcom’s Mega, that were called out in an earlier report attacking Internet “cyberlockers.”
“The cyberlockers listed in the NetNames report (PDF) bear clear red flags of having no legitimate purpose or activity,” wrote Sen. Patrick Leahy in letters addressed to the CEOs of MasterCard and Visa. 29 of the 30 sites accept Visa and MasterCard, and some of them bear the credit companies’ logos, which “lends the sites a harmful imprimatur of legitimacy,” stated Leahy.
“I ask MasterCard to swiftly review complaints against those cyberlockers and to ensure that payment processing services offered by MasterCard to those sites, or any others dedicated to infringing activity, cease,” the senator wrote in the letter (PDF) to MasterCard. The wording in the letter to Visa is nearly identical.
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