Kim Dotcom has successfully fended off an American government bid to put in him back in a New Zealand jail for allegedly violating his bail.
“That was a good win today, but also another attempt by the US government to get my liberty removed—it’s unbelievable,” Dotcom told Ars by phone late Sunday night.
It’s been nearly three years since New Zealand authorities raided Kim Dotcom’s mansion, complete with two helicopters, as part of the American-led global shutdown of his Hong Kong-based file sharing company, Megaupload. Dotcom still faces American criminal charges of copyright infringement, online piracy, and money laundering charges, a civil case brought in April 2014 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and more recently, a July 2014 civil forfeiture case. Dotcom and his lawyers have relentlessky fought back in multiple jurisdictions.
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