Updated OpenStack Telemetry packages that resolve various issues are nowavailable for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5.0 (Icehouse)for RHEL 6.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform provides the facilities forbuilding a private or public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloudrunning on commonly available physical hardware. This advisory includespackages for:* OpenStack Telemetry serviceOpenStack Telemetry (ceilometer) collects customer usage data for meteringpurposes. Telemetry implements bus listener, push, and polling agents fordata collection. This data is stored in a database and presented via theREST API. In addition, Telemetry’s extensible design means it can beoptionally extended to gather customized data sets.This update addresses the following issues:Previously, the dispatcher was loaded after the collector sequence started.As a result, an intermittent failure occurred on the collector servicestartup when a message was processed before the dispatcher was loaded.With this update, the dispatcher is now loaded earlier in the collectorstartup sequence and the intermittent failure no longer occurs.
Before applying this update, ensure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 for RHEL 6 runs on Red HatEnterprise Linux 6.6.The Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 for RHEL 6 Release Notescontain the following:* An explanation of the way in which the provided components interact toform a working cloud computing environment.* Technology Previews, Recommended Practices, and Known Issues.* The channels required for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5for RHEL 6, including which channels need to be enabled and disabled.The Release Notes are available at:https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_OpenStack_Platform/5/html/Release_Notes/index.htmlThis update is available through the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at:https://access.redhat.com/site/articles/11258Red Hat OpenStack 5.0 for RHEL 6

    MD5: 4e57685cd7a51abbec4d9a85ca65a5f1SHA-256: afa34b79e18bf34be2efcb935a39be90a8efdb61ec3e4992746b0318b48b8495
    MD5: 95536a9ed0a603f5c91d1875d64b479bSHA-256: 66e5ee5b0a15611e0967de844828b9d8aca46782f6121019e0ad7c889dfc492c
    MD5: 8c52da6cd5ed199e9c45b5afc1e7d0b5SHA-256: bf57e2225b4942e93ccdbebf38ea6fdaa6a945c0cca31d770602ab35ad43ae7d
    MD5: e2b6291c77179c4ab2a1c81b1797cc32SHA-256: 879f9de264c21c07d815526d26c9b041a16ed3aefbc29cfa8ffcd48018d852ff
    MD5: d08b7e9ab1180917fcb8e3368b15bfdcSHA-256: 3590c1f58930c294827ccef7fd7beabaa0ed8c5144721ec454cdcca386017c22
    MD5: 67e5975d93017a31c5c1db72d28f8377SHA-256: c69f5f384a70af7f3c51a7e4a715cee173947d58e2e7f9527340b9b8cc590bf1
    MD5: 46fbf3bee2da784b5d292ea4810658e9SHA-256: ebfc096cc61984a8f621aecdb5103bf051e41e1f791be06503947c647af1c2a6
    MD5: 0151d0b496522a20fe1ddf9f3b519cefSHA-256: ce0ad7f03a9f27fec649d055f1d6b4010226eba73b3877b6d92ed19cd7377d91
    MD5: 3d04d779bc883b49ecc28bbdae5f423fSHA-256: 2fa1db6a8e272218d8ad21ff07abdaa9cc6a23b4e74239200b901bfd876ff671
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1165850 – race condition in startup of collector service, message dispatched before dispatcher loaded

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