Due to the increasing frequency of data breaches—from inside sources and malicious outsiders—retailers that utilize online sales strategies need to increase customer awareness of the security best practices they are implementing to protect credit card information. This is especially important with the holiday buying season now in full swing. Recent attacks on high-visibility stores such as Target, Home Depot, Michael’s and a score of other business-to-consumer companies have put much fear and doubt into many potential customers. However, despite constant reports of stolen credit card numbers, PINs and other personal information, there are ways that retailers can mitigate the problem quickly in order to assuage customers. This slide show brings together the elements of communication, technology and process to minimize the damage caused by a data breach. Developed using eWEEK reporting and industry insight from security monitoring cloud service CounterTack, this feature offers a series of steps retailers can use to control their messages—and maintain their corporate images—to consumers.

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