Sony can’t catch a break, no matter how hard the company tries. Just years after its PlayStation Network was taken down by a major hack, the Sony Pictures business has also fallen prey to hackers that have not only accessed a wide range of internal information that is at least embarrassing to the company, but also provided to the public DVD-quality copies of some of Sony Pictures’ upcoming films. The hack is unprecedented in some respects and speaks to the ability of today’s hackers to infiltrate a company and wreak havoc. But it’s also indicative of the ever-escalating threats to corporate data resources and the global economy from cyber-attacks. The latest attacks are raising the question of whether any corporate network can be kept safe from determined hackers. Today, hackers are increasingly turning to corporate and government servers to steal personal information, intellectual property and secrets that they can sell or deliver to governments seeking economic, diplomatic or military advantages. In other words, the cyber-war keeps expanding and the digital battlefield is looking scarier by the day. This eWEEK slide show covers the details of the latest Sony hack and its implications for enterprise and government IT security.

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