Updated rubygem-openshift-origin-routing-daemon packages that fix two bugs arenow available for OpenShift Enterprise 2.2.

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is the company’s cloud computingPlatform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution designed for on-premise or private clouddeployments.* This bug fix updates the oo-admin-ctl-routing command to correct severalissues. The command now returns usage output, which has also been updated forcompleteness, when invoked without any options or with the –help option. Thelist-aliases option has also been added to the command, which lists all aliasesfor all pools. In addition, the list-monitors option has been updated toproperly handle the case where the routing daemon’s back end returns “nil” whenthe list of monitors is requested. (BZ#1159176)* When using the routing daemon with an nginx router, the routing daemonpreviously did not properly delete SSL certificates for applications when the”rhc alias delete-cert” command was invoked by a user. The command reported asuccessful deletion, however the certificate was still in place. This was due toa bug in the routing daemon’s nginx back end. This bug fix updates the routingdaemon to correct this issue, and as a result SSL certificates are now properlydeleted in this scenario. After applying this update, theopenshift-routing-daemon service must be restarted. (BZ#1169324)All OpenShift Enterprise users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages.

1128857 – [RFE] NGINX solution for External LB Architecture1159176 – some oo-admin-ctl-routing tool issues1169324 – routing-daemon unable to delete ssl cert private key.

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
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