Content reflects recent fundamental shifts in the IT market(London, 11 December 2014) IT Europa announced today that the changing face of the European software industry has been recognised in the newly-revealed content of the European Software & Solutions Summit 2015.The nature of the software industry has changed considerably over the last couple of years as the growth of Software-as-a-Service, the impact of mobile working, cloud-based apps supplied through service providers, new rapid development models and the constant need for security has broadened and changed its focus. The wider range of issues and topics encompassed by the European Software & Solutions Summit 2015 reflects this shift in the marketplace.”We found, particularly towards the end of this year, that software companies were not thinking of themselves in terms of names like ISV or developer. They were getting closer to their customers and thinking more in terms of their own expertise in a particular industry, vertical market or technology,” says John Garratt, content director of the event. In addition to IT Europa’s own research evidence supporting this shift and the wider remit comes from a number of sources: just recently a study by Paris-based analyst Truffle showed an upheaval among the leading European players, and that the development community is in a period of unprecedented change ( the Cloud increasingly dominates delivery and new channels emerge, the need to produce effective business solutions rapidly and to securely link business data to mobile devices opens up the market to those who can move quickly and effectively in partnership with leading players.Under the overall theme of “Beyond the Cloud – Creating competitive advantage by driving Digitalised Business,” the European Software & Solutions Summit 2015, which incorporates the European ISV Convention, will explore the new business concepts, models and structures enabled by this new digitalised world and the role the software company, ISV, Solution Provider and application developer play in their development. The digitalisation of enterprises of all sizes has offered organisations and businesses the chance to use their knowledge and information to create new business processes, profit streams and reach new customers and markets. Now in its eighth year, The European Software & Solutions Summit 2015 builds on previous Conventions and will feature presentations from leading industry speakers and analysts to examine emerging trends in software and solution development.The conference sessions:Open Session 1 – Digital Business – a connected world of opportunitiesThis session will explore what is meant by the digitalisation of business and how the connected worlds it creates through interfaces and the Internet of Things, is changing the nature of business applications and solutions and examine the implications of this for application developers and solution providers.Open Session 2 – IT Investment – the rules of the game are changing!This session will explore what digital business means to organisations and how software companies, ISVs, solution providers and application developers will have to rethink how they engage with their customers and partner with other organisations to define and create ‘game-changing’ solutions.Open Session 3 – Everything as a service (XaaS) – delivering innovationThese new requirements are fuelling the growing demand for an ‘Everything as a Service’ IT and business model. This session will explore how this takes us beyond just selling cloud, PaaS and IaaS solutions to a more comprehensive customer experience model.Open Session 4 – Stepping into the digital world of the 21st centuryThe final session will explore how software and solution providers can best embrace the concept of digitalised business to maximise business opportunities. New skills and partnerships will be needed and new ‘go to market’ strategies developed.The European Software & Solutions Summit 2015 will take place at the Lancaster London Hotel, London, on 25 March 2015. ISVs, solution providers and developers wishing to attend the convention and vendors, distributors or service providers interested in sponsorship opportunities can find further information at or About IT EuropaIT Europa is the leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace and the primary channels that serve it. The company publishes European channel publications such as the IT Europa Newsletter, markets a range of database reports and organises European conferences and events for the IT and Telecoms sectors. For further details visit: For further information contact:Alan NormanTel: +44 (0) 1895 454 604Email: Source: RealWire

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