Updated coreutils Shift_JIS packages that add one enhancement are now availablefor Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

The coreutils packages contain the GNU Core Utilities and represent acombination of the previously used GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutilspackages. Shift JIS (SJIS) is a character encoding for the Japanese language.The coreutils Shift_JIS packages provide coreutils support for SJIS.The type of this advisory has been updated to Red Hat Enhancement Advisory. Thepackages included in this revised update have not been changed in any way fromthe packages included in the original advisory.This update adds the following enhancement:* Previously, the tr command did not correctly handle the Shift JIS (SJIS)character encoding. As a consequence, when one byte of an SJIS double-bytecharacter was in the ASCII code range, tr incorrectly converted this SJIS byte,which corrupted the SJIS double-byte character. With this update, tr has beenmodified to skip SJIS-encoded characters when dealing with ASCII input, andSJIS-encoded characters are now displayed correctly. (BZ#1147815)Users who require SJIS encoding support with coreutils are advised to upgrade tothese updated packages, which add this enhancement.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the RedHat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise S-JIS Service

    MD5: 5443e7647aea7dc560fe0f1c34b39501SHA-256: de119c6a1f1418a24df89a8dddee42a7bcff51f0188d76fc832a24349f7be655
    MD5: 7ec0fce5e038ecd13dc43595a569fc9cSHA-256: 534e92a2b876d4d300b846c7059bd39062470fec3f8ec6a73ead8705763f5ed6
    MD5: fb0c0a015848cf28fa64f52c0269d19bSHA-256: 122679c2ec3dd4f83467707d1e4ddf35b9548d8191cce3ce168f33bbd8ac7e55
    MD5: f136500f4c4055a0bf3764ce5ec5ce8eSHA-256: d2ad3bdb9756bb9c11b2e0f8d1879817ebdf5fba0b8efff5f3530c5714290ab4
    MD5: 93180099bc65dc1c685ae603062a0c0eSHA-256: 47420b01fa3e2ca016777b0f1048d7ac4c334a3b2b30c95af0e5222290a7f2f3
    MD5: a552a259c15772d3b8cc592ef4b44e88SHA-256: 075ad0e1212fe8a8e310244f31c422c47e748e65f33e761bcf3544944abdb373
    MD5: 7a431a13605f61179502d9191339d021SHA-256: a4240509d268e59441c953221de029211ff14dd5496dbaaf2aed3c33c7b6c7bd
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