The Sony hacking scandal has, inadvertently, claimed another victim. After Sony’s The Interview was pulled from release amid bomb threats aimed at cinemas planning to air the North Korea-mocking comedy, film studio New Regency has cancelled its planned movie adaptation of acclaimed graphic novel Pyongyang, by cartoonist Guy Delisle.
The film was set to be directed by Pirates of the Caribbean’s Gore Verbinski, with a script by Steve Conrad. Steve Carell was set to headline, coming off a particularly strong reception to his dramatic turn in Foxcatcher.
Delisle’s comic was a gripping memoir of his time working in the communist state, where he was sent to oversee animation work. At times a whimsical look at a culture alien to Westerners, at others a chilling insight into daily life in the oppressive nation, its original publication came about only through a loophole in the confidentiality contract the artist had to sign to even enter the country. The film version was to skew darker, set to be “a paranoid thriller,” with production due to start in March 2015.
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