Musician Val Broeksmit spent several days this month publishing screenshots from the hacked Sony e-mails on his Twitter feed. The e-mails he published included deals about new movies, how much the main players were getting paid, and feuds between Sony exec Amy Pascal and Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel.
That got the attention of Sony’s legal team, who threatened not only him but Twitter. Yesterday, Vice published a letter from Sony’s legal team to Twitter. That has put Broeksmit suddenly at the center of a lot of media attention.
Sony’s letter to Twitter doesn’t state that a lawsuit is imminent. In fact, the document isn’t substantively different from letters that Sony sent out to dozens of media organizations, including Ars, starting about a week ago. The letters, signed by lawyer David Boies, tell media organizations to stop publishing any parts of the Sony e-mails, which it calls “Stolen Information.” They also state that Sony hasn’t authorized any publications, reserves all its legal rights, and other legal boilerplate.
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