New York City’s Department of Finance recently submitted a Request for Information (RFI) (PDF) about “mobile solutions for payment” of parking tickets, listing Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin as potential options.
The city says it’s only looking to find out more about what a mobile payment option might look like—its most recent document is not a request for proposals, so there’s a possibility that transferring bitcoins into the NYC municipal coffers may never come to fruition. But if you’ve ever parked an inch too close to a broken-looking fire hydrant in that city, you may take delight in the idea of being able to pay the fine quickly from your phone. The city is also looking for a way to allow people to schedule parking ticket hearings via their phones.
Currently, parking violators can pay online, in person or by mail. MarketWatch, which first uncovered the news of the RFI, notes that late fees start to rack up 30 days after the parking ticket is issued. An anecdote from personal experience: this writer received a parking ticket while visiting New York City a few months ago, and three weeks later the website refused to process her payment twice before it decided she could make good with the law.
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