LAS VEGAS—In a one-on-one discussion with Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President Gary Shapiro, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler implied that Title II of the Communications Act will be the basis for new net neutrality rules governing the broadband industry. Title II lets the FCC regulate telecommunications providers as common carriers, and President Obama urged the commission to use Title II to impose net neutrality rules that ban blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization.
ISPs have strongly resisted being subject to Title II provisions, fearing that it could lead to rate regulation and other onerous provisions that apply to the traditional telephone network, which is also regulated under Title II.
In thinking about how to regulate broadband, Wheeler told Shapiro on Wednesday that the FCC considered two sides. ”First you want to make sure that innovators have access to open Internet. The other [side] is that you have to create an environment to provide sufficient incentives to ISPs who want to invest and build out.”
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