A new version of Silk Road has appeared on the darkweb, but it doesn’t rely on Tor or Bitcoin. Silk Road Reloaded uses the little-known I2P anonymity network and accepts a range of cryptocurrencies including the meme-inspired Dogecoin.
The site, which has no relation to the two previous versions of Silk Road, is one of a series of copycat marketplaces trying to tap into the lucrative online trade in drugs and other illegal items. Silk Road Reloaded has been in development for a year and can only be accessed using the I2P anonymity software.
I2P, which has been around since 2003, works in a similar way to the more widely used Tor network and hides what people are looking at online. Unlike conventional websites, all I2P sites ends in .i2p. A “clearnet” version of Silk Road Reloaded can also be accessed from normal browsers.
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