Updated gluster-nagios-common, rhsc-monitoring-uiplugin, rhsc-setup-plugins, org.ovirt.engine-root, rhevm-branding-rhev, otopi, ovirt-host-deploy, nagios-server-addons, and rhsc-doc packages that fix multiple bugs and adds various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Storage Console 3.

Red Hat Storage Console is a powerful and simple web based Graphical UserInterface for managing a Red Hat Storage environment. It helps storageadministrators to easily create and manage multiple storage pools.This advisory fixes various bugs in the Red Hat Storage Console MonitoringUser Interface Plug-in, Red Hat Storage Console Setup Plug-in, and Red HatStorage Console nagios-server-addons. Space precludes documenting all of these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to the Red Hat Storage3 Technical Notes, linked to in the References section, for information on the most significant of these changes.This update also adds the following new enhancements:- A navigation link is added to the GlusterFS Monitoring Home page in the Trends tab of Red Hat Storage Console. (BZ# 1138143)- A new command is introduced to enable and disable monitoring usingthe command line interface (CLI) after setting up Red Hat Storage Console.When monitoring is enabled on the server, the Trends tab is displayed with host and cluster utilization details. (BZ# 1111079)- An enhancement has been added to brick utilization to display both thethin-logical volume utilization and the actual thin pool utilization forbricks with thin-logical volume. (BZ# 1143995)All users of Red Hat Storage are advised to install these updated packages.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Storage Management Console 3.0

    MD5: ac4de59a359b31864b6c46080833d809SHA-256: 95d868f074dbdb3988019635287ea84eb67abaed671cf9a6e4738a1aa0a9541f
    MD5: 423bdc82488f91fb4e15ce0433194ce9SHA-256: de77b50b19b0f7218abcaced965f8a260ab3bbde996fab9bb2bac67ad37a2af6
    MD5: 09a72dbd8dc7ab87aa7e0cf1c622b72bSHA-256: 261c76829307e1eec51809f93522e25a667fb4f2a04c2da517a5873a65a637b2
    MD5: 872267e0a5987269a4da56f77289d30aSHA-256: a7b290db122ec62f6a4666458b2b715bb4f1e8801f89b024628267df3f64cdca
    MD5: 0ccd0b626b9691c34889a013c5a38005SHA-256: 01449c72ebb62fa3762d15c9d38b3c093780e1a47ba1c5cd72d550185c9a0b7a
    MD5: e612f27d5e937a9a72ab8a4886266dd1SHA-256: 8d5971d74c8847282dfd70de6618c8567438723d99ef9f0b61c3a1b37a60c0a6
    MD5: f233843433000e60b1f575698e83477dSHA-256: d9497038791aefe2f0d98fe4694adc863e9ae4ca8933c05304a013150f79fe02
    MD5: 7fab041f2ecaf6f0b2b78a4298f514d4SHA-256: 248b7106547e978c241499b89c49d7a2e352e9f293a650490adda9eb92d3d1b1
    MD5: 10fe902e723c42f74b042922c7df2481SHA-256: bc86573e94401c810ff64ef29651e11793a73870874ba38ad609399159db92ac
    MD5: 57280ab26bfa0e4a14e2212f69333710SHA-256: 295e8697cdc1f48c07c9546987c90035749b64655faad9ac0c28351b27cf20ae
    MD5: 61f576c04c91b7c8d23150d8bbe8eb9bSHA-256: 2e293f928c8453a96eebc07a301781847f665ecea3bd54206319141ead09e443
    MD5: a9c2d1decfdb2cf8dcd3c9e8e4ca2bd2SHA-256: 51e38623875d04a54beb1065f89a35a0f3b030abad27293d8366695230cc2407
    MD5: 3b933c50c595dca22c054f92241ff410SHA-256: f1c1809f662fb0507b655f7850b8972a2433dd1ca617d5a6e85b9138c61dae5f
    MD5: 9470c03c6d996c673444e85fbed6493dSHA-256: eb5488d722015ec68ff47c95d69051bb19a0fd6248567fb828ed4a8e1410adcf
    MD5: da71bc6d2643d4ae54c49970fc0586e6SHA-256: 10c7eabe1e6927cc1eab19d0e157ab8bb89c7f4c2c9b79985e91d9d875965cac
    MD5: 199f988710848324d75c38a12ba0c21fSHA-256: 6f00e1f4aa6c004cf934447667c5d0a3b61e4cffe033e4633b3ed35027600bb2
    MD5: 7b4b341cce272273faeebf2691efbbf4SHA-256: b3906ce8692423d2c559972e7490de8b719eac33b3e9c32750cdd4f91d98c04a
    MD5: 928c67917ce15f20a809a32986398b57SHA-256: 621bd073249810611edb8975e0cbe3d0af92fab89982a5b492e9ff0764fb75e0
    MD5: 75423a90ad01eca446a32b20a223df4eSHA-256: d1d71e5fe98f01a9015c62b8710623dac697ddb188e6ed5aa548071aef83c67d
    MD5: 7852f3984a6f752033e71cfbb5afd677SHA-256: ebb350b98d5a1b22f87c08ea1d56bc8cc8882d1654860ebfca0b7b678b5100dc
    MD5: e94c88ca905de427507f1185e2f035d1SHA-256: 2651bb7533117193ea110d9098bc062fcaa94c4ddbee12d371af7bc6dd53f042
    MD5: 68817327d364f36b4b148a1f82181f54SHA-256: 903b54c5bf95e24bd3c0829ec2795992ac5aff84afff49ee76e2931dbaef8d60
    MD5: b197ec5112f6bf7cd5b413c61c25dc29SHA-256: 5a56f97952fda924ad81ced64055007d48bbb5be012070bda9888c31cb8f27df
    MD5: 4141370b77e58a6aae705f856421d242SHA-256: dcfa19310eddfa6e6ee4945de7cd4cd2be300c718e2dfdd6170804c6152b2ff3
    MD5: c7bea66ebc3ca1b14379c5a8d2a1ecb3SHA-256: 61469d9c74103904d9d3efe95d6325b94bc9a19fb3c2ae8b7675cf1b63c9357b
    MD5: 4762125e9abeae7a2ce5576deb027a22SHA-256: cf0f5082a6fe40db466504344ad76c6dbfd574b6093ddaf4db17ad2ece93015f
    MD5: aea1af6dc987870579173b20359a5346SHA-256: 4f7b4b8233c71f61e7c491e2207f9a6cbc4d2873de459819d3513cbc7c4cf61a
    MD5: f4de76ff357aecb2f27203b35ae06cecSHA-256: f46af729fe74757521ba1d68d99b29abbb258c6f80057f9cd9be99d62f13c7b5
    MD5: db0382b2f336f0cb96aaae5671f5defdSHA-256: 4bdc54b2a310218589d963efd3f2a475b3ad384f54fba11c0bbded6e064fe426
    MD5: e614a30012120a59312f60b458ce251aSHA-256: 7ad272a88663444d42ab90e1c7735fb55f41b5cb0b43e9935cc105b1501c81a4
    MD5: 3fa3cac60ab2750298a5b10a6c1add10SHA-256: 725c864591ca012e30821947a347b8f0d34ac7ba476697350f7232aea107b8a0
    MD5: 7a0b07e5d78235ff7c11dbe139ac7c5aSHA-256: fcc59a0fbb90cd6b3249c9768ed10676ba7b1d842c6f6f3d20e84dc0c57c4814
    MD5: 187ed839010e40d6af7f4af61a9d2ff2SHA-256: f8d90a251b611d002cfd8bcf6796457eff54616dc1af4bed2629389f035b3497
Red Hat Storage Server 3.0

    MD5: ac4de59a359b31864b6c46080833d809SHA-256: 95d868f074dbdb3988019635287ea84eb67abaed671cf9a6e4738a1aa0a9541f
    MD5: 57280ab26bfa0e4a14e2212f69333710SHA-256: 295e8697cdc1f48c07c9546987c90035749b64655faad9ac0c28351b27cf20ae
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1034437 – [RHSC] Adding Host – Error while executing action: A Request to the Server failed1039537 – [RHSC] “VdcBLLException: NO_UP_SERVER_FOUND” in seen in engine logs1057574 – From GuideMe link, adding Host using SSH PublicKey Authentication fails with “Error while executing action: Cannot install Host with empty password.”1105568 – [Nagios] – When glusterd is stopped, all the process displays incorrect status information.1106459 – [RHSC] – Editing server when in Maintenance to move it to a different cluster, results in “Error While executing action: Host CPU type is not supported in this cluster compatibility version or is not supported at all”.1107997 – [Nagios] – nagios_server.conf gets overridden when updating nagios server and nodes with the latest rpms.1108569 – [Nagios] Typo error in auto-config message1108712 – Summary message during “rhsc-setup” regarding upgrading the RHS nodes to 3.0 to enable Nagios monitoring is missing the tag1109702 – [Nagios] Cluster – quorum service displays information about a volume even after it is deleted1109723 – [Nagios] Cluster auto-config service is warning with “(null)” status information when glusterd is down on some nodes in the cluster1109727 – [Nagios] – when one brick in replicate volume goes faulty and if the other one is active geo replication volume status should be shown as ‘PARTIAL_FAULTY’1109752 – [New] – Geo-Replication status says “warning” and status informtion says “georeplication status could not be determined – Another transaction is in progress for vol_repmaster.Please try again after some time”1109843 – [Nagios] Volume utilization is unknown with status information “Invalid host name <hostname-of-RHS-node>” when glusterd is stopped1111079 – No option provided to DISABLE Nagios Monitoring either from RHSC UI or from CLI1111087 – No option provided to RE-ENABLE Nagios Monitoring either from RHSC UI or from CLI, after disabling it once1112176 – [Trends] Print icon and Refresh icon doesn’t look like clickable buttons1112201 – [Nagios] – Error message needs to be improved when discovery.py is run with a host which has the same host name of the host which is already being monitored by nagios.1115387 – [Nagios] – When nagios-server-addons rpm is updated, default host and default service comes back.1115392 – [Nagios] – When nagios-server-addons rpm is updated, email and snmp config files gets overriden.1119233 – [Nagios] – Show y-axis values in percentage in the cluster utilization graph, the scale of the graph should not change as per utilization1120832 – [EARLY ACCESS] glusterpmd.log very chatty1128007 – [Nagios] – When all the nodes in a cluster are down, cluster status shows ‘UP’ with status information as ‘OK:None of the volumes are in critical state’1136205 – [Nagios] Volume status is seen to be in warning status with status information “null” when glusterd is stopped on one RHS node.1138108 – [RHSC] Installation of host, should start the glusterpmd service if monitoring is enabled1138143 – [RFE][RHSC] Provide a link to nagios web interface from RHSC in case monitoring is enabled1138943 – [Nagios] – Discovery.py does not check for the correctness of nagios configuration before restarting nagios service1139228 – [Nagios] Auto-config removes all the configuration if the host used for discovery is detached from the cluster.1141171 – [Nagios] Quorum service is seen to be OK when it should actually be in CRITICAL state1143995 – Brick utilization shows incorrect data for thinly provisioned LVs1152877 – gluster bricks marked down in ovirt after vdsm restarted1162443 – [RHSC] – Upgrading RHSC from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 fails.1162446 – [Nagios] – PING service status shows UNKNOWN with status information as “check_ping: %s:Warning threshold must be integer or percentage!”1164664 – Add an info msg in rhsc-setup to ask the user to run auto-discovery to start monitoring1166019 – [RHSC] – Updating from 2.1U5 to 3.0.3 fails with error ***L:ERROR Internal error: type object ‘Stages’ has no attribute ‘CONFIG_DB_CREDENTIALS’1166021 – [RHSC] – yum update rhsc-setup does not pull in ovirt-host-deploy package.1166083 – [RHSC] – Reinstalling of host does not change the status to up.919422 – [RHSC] Host after being rebooted, goes to non-responsive state momentarily before coming UP

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